A Little History                                              

One of my subjects in school was art, but I was not encouraged to continue (to put it politely) after failing the exam. In fact I was so discouraged by my art teacher that I didn't do any kind of serious art for many years after leaving school. I had the idea that I had no talent at all.  At least, the drawings and paintings that I did do were not ones that I would show to anyone outside of the family, my father was the only one who told me my work was good but then - he always encouraged me in everything I attempted  :)

It 'coloured' my creativity for a number of years afterwards and which, from talking with other aspiring artists since, I discovered that it had happened to many others whilst they were at school also.

What a pity ! So many people who may well have had talent and creativity being put off by one persons' negative attitude - how many geniuses were unfulfilled and unrecognised because of this - I wonder? ......... How sad !